Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Вышла с больничного, и, как следствие, опять начала ездить на метро.

А в метро я читаю Эда Мейси. И тут на страницы книги врывается Элиc, их intelligence officer.

Alice won me over the very first day we'd met int the JHF during the handover. She'd listened in respectful silence to the Boss's long and slightly lugubrious speech — designed entirely to impress her — about the feats he'd achieved inside the Apache cockpit. The Boss's finale was his Top Gun triumph. He waited for the inevitable oohs and aahhs.
Alice just smiled politely and said: 'That's all very good, sir. But I bet you can't lick you own nipples. I can.' She'd cracked another walnut and walked away.

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