Monday, June 8, 2009

я был испуган и приведён в замешательство

bewilder |biˈwildər|
verb [ trans. ] [often as adj. ] ( bewildered)
cause (someone) to become perplexed and confused : she seemed frightened and bewildered | his reaction had bewildered her | [as adj. ] ( bewildering) there is a bewildering array of desserts to choose from.
bewilderedly adverb
bewilderingly |bəˈwɪldərɪŋli| |biˈwɪldərɪŋli| adverb
bewilderment |bəˈwɪldərmənt| |biˈwɪldərmənt| noun
ORIGIN late 17th cent.: from be- [thoroughly] + obsolete wilder [lead or go astray,] of unknown origin.

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